Sunday, March 10, 2013

Finally, a blog update.

How horrible am I that I haven't updated this blog in weeks? ~rattles through excuses right quick: been sick, been writing, couldn't remember password, got a new computer, the dog and the whole eating of the homework scenario.~ 

Anyone buy any of those? Well, they are all true. Except the dog one, actually it was the pet lizard, Leggs. hahaha!

So how do you feel about sexy men, who ride fast bikes? My two new characters Dax and Damien are all of that and a box of cherries to go with it.

Dax, is my 6'7" long haired, blond hottie. He comes equipped with tattoos too. His preference for a bike is a 2012 Suzuki Hayabusa, red and black.  

Damien, he's the one who sports a 2007 Harley Night Rod special, black with gold trimmings. He's not quite as tall, being only 6'2" but just as tasty.

Anyway, if you wanted to know what I've been up too, this is it. Now do you blame me for being a negligent blogger? hahaha

Have a great weekend everyone!

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