Friday, December 6, 2013

Piper's got a secret-bwahahaha! Hint #1

Okay, so those of you that really know me, Piper Kay, understand how truly HARD (total pun intended) it is for me to keep my lips zipped-hahaha. I'm not so good at being all secretive and hush-hush about anything. I'm more like a "WOO-freakin'-hoo" kinda girl and not very shy, not too much anway! lol 

I have this thing (well a lot of things usually when it comes to my m/m characters-hahaha) but this particular thing doesn't involve me being 'sammicheddddd' between two hottie bullriders or something like that. I have a different thing coming on December 13th-ewww Friday the 13th, I know. (the sandwich thing does still apply here though) Am I talking in circles yet? lol

So, I'm going to give out hints about it for a couple days, until I just burst.

Hint #1: Check out this song. There are several word clues in it. One of the words at .04 seconds into the video, the word at .55 seconds, and the lead singers hair style and color. 

Bonus hint:  Check out the verse starting at 1:12 in the lyrics. That is what describes my secrets surprize coming on December 13th. Wooo Hoo!

Confused? lmao! Sorry!  If you know the answer or have a good guess, pm me on my facebook account, to win an extra surprise from me.

I'm linking the video and my facebook account below.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cover Reveal for Eight Second Cowboy

Good morning everyone. I'm so excited about my upcoming release of "Eight Second Cowboy" that I can hardly stand it. ~squeee~ If you like sexy cowboys and plenty of action, then this story is right up your alley.. It has all of that, plus more.

This is the blurb for the book:  

It's Rodeo Roundup in Houston. Undefeated bull riding champion, Matt Stevens, runs into long time nemesis, Lance Loskey. Matt is intense, his focus and drive sustain him, but seeing Lance, with his carefree attitude rages a plethora of feelings to the surface. This mellow cowboy is in a position for more than just the championship after a freak accident paves Lance's way. This is an opportunity for bull riding opponents to embrace their destiny. Will they succumb to fate or will stubborn pride end the eight second ride in tragedy?

Next Sunday, I will post a little teaser for you. Have a great week everyone. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Naughty Box Release

Hi everyone! Let me introduce the Naughty Box to you. Caution: cold showers may be required after reading.

Come pop this cherry as you dive into a whole world of erotic tales from some of the HOTTEST writers in the romance and erotica publishing world. The Naughty Box is packed full of every toy you can imagine. It is filled with 9 books that will thrill you, set your senses on fire and have you begging or a nice cool drink. So kick back, grab some ice and enjoy the ride. Almost 1700 pages of HOT!

Included in The Naughty Box is authors Rue Volley, Sarah Jane, Riley Steel, Chelle, Nicolette Grey, Candi Delshamagus, Kim Carmichael and Nikki Prince.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Good News

Hi everyone. I wanted to share two things today, the first is that I had the cowboy, mm bull rider story I mentioned a little while back accepted by Hot Ink Press. It's titled Eight Second Cowboy and will be released on September 10 and I am so excited. 

The other thing I wanted to share is that my story, A Perfect Passion releases next week-woo hoo! ~totally psyched up about this!~

Here is a little excerpt for you. This is the first time that my two characters Damien and Dax have an, um...encounter.

Dax jumps up and rushes to the pit, pouring his beer on the coals to lower the flame and I bolt to the bar to get water just in case. Filling the glass, he comes into the bar area, squishing in front of me to get the tray. The flame on the grill is out. His ass rubs up against me, and instinctively my free hand reaches to his hipbone, giving a gentle squeeze.
Dax glances back towards the grill to make sure the little fire is out. I know I should jerk my hand away, but I can’t move. He’s not moving either. Neither of us says a word.
Dax inhales a deep breath, and leans back slightly, pressing against me. It seems like ten minutes has past, but realistically I know it’s only been a few seconds.
I inhale his cool water cologne, my god he smells fucking good. I lean forward just a bit and brush my lips across his bare back. His skin is warm from him working in the sun all day.  I continue sliding my lips across the curves in his back. His skin breaks out in goose bumps, but he still doesn’t pull away from me.
With the tip of my tongue, I make little swipes at his skin, and he gasps again. I slide my left hand from his hipbone to the front a tiny bit, and my finger slips inside the top of his waistband of his shorts. He shifts, so I jerk back a bit, but still caress his stomach muscles in my palm.
Dax lets out a quiet moan, “Mmm…”

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I'm an awful blogger-lol

Oh, I am such a horrible blogger, aren't I? Been busy working away. My new story, A Perfect Passion, is coming out soon, very soon. Will keep you all posted, it's a hot little read I can promise that. It's a mm erotica romance and the characters, Damien and Dax, are totally awesome. Here's the blurb for it and please forgive me for being the non blogger of the year-lol I'll work on that!  ~kisses and hugs~

For Damien, passion brought ecstasy, betrayal and danger that almost cost him his life. At the lowest point in his life, he discovered that true passion and loyalty had been staring him in the face all along. But there is one problem he must surmount first. Dax is straight and carries a lot of baggage. What neither of them knew was that sometimes passion can also bring healing. That is if one is brave enough to take the first step. In a perfect passion one must be willing to take the risk.

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Hey everyone, guess what? I have my new cover available to show you. I'm still working on the blurb, but I will tell you it's a hot new mm erotica story titled A Perfect Passion. It's the Book One in a series of three, The Passion Series to be published through Hot Ink Press. What do you think of the cover? Personally, I think I'm in love with him. His name is Dax, and he's the owner of a pool company in Houston. His client of three years, Damien, is openly bi-sexual, Dax isn't. What will it take to change his mind? Here's Dax on the cover! ~whew!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New News

Good morning everyone. First off, I wanted to mention that I'm being featured on Nikki Prince's blog today.

Next I wanted to let you know I've finished a story, a mm erotic romance, called A Perfect Passion. It's currently in edits now, and I've started a second part of it, that I'm calling Payce's Passion.

I'm very excited about both of them and will keep you updated on the progress of both. 

The characters are hot, and I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have. Stay tuned for updates. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Finally, a blog update.

How horrible am I that I haven't updated this blog in weeks? ~rattles through excuses right quick: been sick, been writing, couldn't remember password, got a new computer, the dog and the whole eating of the homework scenario.~ 

Anyone buy any of those? Well, they are all true. Except the dog one, actually it was the pet lizard, Leggs. hahaha!

So how do you feel about sexy men, who ride fast bikes? My two new characters Dax and Damien are all of that and a box of cherries to go with it.

Dax, is my 6'7" long haired, blond hottie. He comes equipped with tattoos too. His preference for a bike is a 2012 Suzuki Hayabusa, red and black.  

Damien, he's the one who sports a 2007 Harley Night Rod special, black with gold trimmings. He's not quite as tall, being only 6'2" but just as tasty.

Anyway, if you wanted to know what I've been up too, this is it. Now do you blame me for being a negligent blogger? hahaha

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Guest blog

Being featured on a blog today, would love if you stopped in to say hello.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Happy February. An intro to Evan

Good morning,

Hope everyone is off to a great February so far, mine has been a little hectic, but I hope things will begin to level off as the month progresses.

I wanted to introduce you to one of the men who lived inside of my head while writing the story Twisted Cherry. His name is Evan. By day, he's just your average blue-collar worker and by night he plays in a band. 

This scene comes from the 1st chapter and explains a little bit about why he thinks and acts as he does.

I would love to have your feedback on this, if you can relate to Evan. 

Until next week, have a good one and I will try to do the same. ~hugs~

Getting tatted up is nothing new to me. It’s a complete escape, a feeling of euphoria. Feeling the needle pierce into my skin rewards guilty pleasures that I’ve never acted on, and it releases the pain.
When you try to play off the straight role and fake it till you make it, well let’s just say it eats you up from the inside. You try to play off the exact opposite, by becoming a womanizer. Being a hard core prick is just one way of over-compensating your secret desires. Fuck forbid anyone should think that you could be into guys.
This has been my life since I was fifteen years old. I’m now twenty-three, and I’ve always hid this from everyone, living in secret and staying in the closet. I’ve never once experienced the touch of a man, even though the thought of it overwhelms me sometimes. It’s like my own brain playing a game of major mind fuck on me.
I do what my friends dohit the gym, defining the shit out of my body, keeping my six foot, five inch body at about a fifteen percent body/fat ratio. I go to the bar with my buddies, pick up chicks, take them back to my place and fake my way through. It’s just the way things have always been.
Being into men is something I could never share with anyone. My friends would disown me. My family would, too. Being into guys is just not something that’s acceptable in their world. In fact, it’s damn near a mortal fucking sin. So, besides looking at a few computer sites, I’ve never experienced it. I’ve never expressed my feelings out loud to anyone. It’s just not going to be possible for me, ever. I deal with it the way I know how…ink to skin, blood release as payment.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A little cowboy teaser, anyone?

Morning all. As promised, here is a little teaser from my current wip called Eight Second Cowboy.

Matt tilted his head to stare at me, took a cigarette and flipped it into his mouth. He sparked it up then grabbed the shot glass, downed it and slammed the glass back down on the rim of the tub.

“Is that right?” He lifted an eyebrow.

“I’m serious dude. I know we've never seen eye to eye, but I do respect what you can do on top of a bull.” I’d love to see what you could do on top of me too.

“Appreciate it.” He bowed his head in thanks. “But you do know I’m still going to whoop your ass tomorrow right?”

“We’ll see about all that. Anyway, I wanted to stop by and wish you luck and say no hard feelings.”

“Thanks, no hard feelings. If you want a drink, it’s on the dresser in the room.”

“Don’t mind if I do, you want another shot?”

“Yeah, thanks.”

I brought the bottle to the bathroom instead of pouring Matt’s drink at the dresser. I’d be able to get closer look at Matt if I poured his drink at the side of the tub where his glass was.

Standing beside the bath, I noticed his thick lips, pouty on the bottom and sculpted into a little dip on top, just the color of a juicy, ripe plum. I wanted to slither my tongue across this. Curved eyebrows, just a tad spikey, topped slyly seductive ocean blue eyes.

I poured his shot, but got distracted when I looked down at his groin. The things I wanted to do with the man’s cock would be fucking amazing. I only stopped pouring right before I overflowed the glass. I couldn’t restrain myself, I had to look again. I knew he was watching me, but I couldn’t stop.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Just a little teaser

Good morning! Hope everyone had a wonderful week. I'd been thinking about what I should put here today for my weekly post and finally came up with something. Since this is Piper's Naughty Playhouse, I decided to bring out a little 'naughty' and post a steamy excerpt from my story Twisted Cherry. Next week, I'm going to post a little teaser for the story I'm working on now, called Eight Second Cowboy. Have a wonderful week!

~Gabe flashes his catch sexy smile at me, as he slides his hands up under my shirt. He lifts my shirt over my head and throws it over the side of the couch. I’m now standing buck naked for the first time in my life, in front of a man. My nerves are shot.

He guides my hands, helping me remove his shirt too. I step completely out of my pants leg that’s still around my ankle. He looks me up and down with an eat-me-up grin.

Admiring his chest, the firmness and build of his pecs, I spread my hands across him. He’s tight and hard. The small amount of chest hair tickles my fingertips. God, I want to lick him.

Gabe wraps both arms around me, pulling me forcefully into him. The feel of our naked chests, skin to skin, hardens my dick again and there’s no way to stop it. Shit, I don’t want to stop it.
His nipples rise into hard nubs and push against mine. Running my hands along his back, I trace the muscular curves in his back. He takes my ass into his hands, squeezing me tight, but gentle.

Slipping his hands around to my front, he squats a little. He begins tracing his fingers inside my thighs, up and down, teasing.

Takes my hands, he leads them to the button on his pants. He begins giving me kisses again. His tongue parts my lips, and his kisses are more tender than a woman’s. Saucy-sweet.
I unbutton his jeans, then slide the zipper down. I can feel him under his jeans, but he isn’t hard. How does he do that? I am at full attention here. He caresses my hands. Shit, they’re shaking from nerves.

Guiding my hands, he leads me to his waistband. Together, we slip his jeans over his hips and down his legs. He kicks his boots off and with his foot he guides his jeans off, one leg after the other.

He pulls back from the kiss, and stands there, not moving. I stare into his eyes, lost. I gaze down his bulging chest muscles, admiring the tattoo he has located right above his belly button. It looks like a portal of some sort. I reach with my finger tips and trace it. Continuing to look downwards, past the wicked navel, I see him in all his glory. He’s fucking magnificent.

Again, he guides my hands to him, to touch him. I’ve never touched another man. All I know is what feels good to me, so I wrap my hands around his cock like I would my own. I slowly stroke him, and he does the same for me.

Gabe is showing me every step of this. What he does to me, I do to him. It’s like follow the leader. Unable to resist, I move my mouth to his neck, licking him. His taste is like sweat on leather, but also sweet. I smell his cologne. He’s wearing Stetson, my favorite. I lick and swirl my tongue up to his ear and nibble his lobe. He moans, and I almost get off just hearing him. This is the most satisfying sound I have ever heard in my fucking life.~ 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

My first blog

Hey everyone. This is my very, very first ever blog attempt, so please excuse me while I step up on the stage and clear my throat. ~ahem, closes eyes and pictures everyone in the audience naked~

Seriously, I'm not a tekkie by any means, so please bare with me while I attempt this.

To start off with, I'd like to mention my recent short that just came out. The book cover is supposed to be my profile picture here (if I did this right-lol)  I think I'm in love with the man on the book cover by the way...oops, thinking out loud again 

Twisted Cherry is a deliciously hott mm erotica published by Evernight. If you love bad boys and tattoos, I think you'll be pleased with my characters Gabe and Evan...they're yummy. I'll post some links below,but I would also like to post my fb page, since that is where I hang out most. Feel free to contact me.

Here is my fb page:

My amazon author page:

You can find my short story on Amazon or on my publishers page:

Hope to talk to you soon.