Monday, November 24, 2014


Just wanted EVERYONE to know, in case you missed it, that I have a new website and also a Piper's Naughty Playhouse blog there. Hope everyone will join me at Piper's Playhouse. We have author of the month, hottie of the month and you vote for these. Some of the pages include Tempting Tidbits, In other naughty news, Naughty nibblets, teasers and pleasers, Tantilizing temptations, etc., etc., etc.

Piper's Playhouse (new Website) 

Or for those that like to just type, it's

See you there. ~hugs~

Monday, June 16, 2014

Mickey Taylor in the Playhouse

Good morning everyone! I know, why so peppy on a Monday? Well, it was a really good weekend. I got to show off the new book cover for Invicta: Sanctuary on Friday night at the cover reveal event on Facebook. Both book one and two are sitting on the sexiest book cover list-woo! Just been a great couple of days and today, I have a surprise. A visitor on the blog that I always ignore. Wait, I don't ignore the visitor, just the blog. Hahaha! 

The model who graces the front cover of Invicta: Sanctuary, Mickey Taylor, stopped by to do a Q & A session. We're also having a little giveaway. An e-book copy of Invicta: Salvation & bookmark set. How do you win? Simple, just comment on the blog. I'll announce the winner on Tuesday. 

I want to thank you to Mickey for taking the time out of his schedule to answer some questions for us. He's been awesome, seriously. He stopped by the cover reveal Friday night to say hello to everyone several times, sent us a few pictures, and even made a Skype call, which I wasn't expecting at all. He's a total sweetheart. So here we go.

Where are you from? I'm from Colchester Essex.

Tell us your favorite book and/or TV show? Right now, it's by far Game of Thrones and Orange is the new black.

Favorite food or drink? It's no secret, I'm obsessed with jelly babies. Haha! The sweet and the cocktail. Haha!

When did you start modeling? I started modeling eleven years ago, but only really started in porn around six months ago

Were you nervous? Not at all. I worked with a really incredible model, Billy Reuben's. He was really friendly and really nice to me. He made me feel 100% comfortable!

What is your dream job?  Modeling is my dream job, and I've been lucky to do it for eleven years. As long as I can keep doing it, I'm happy.

How old were you when you got your first tattoo?  I was fifteen, so kind of young. I was brought up in groups where my friends were all the same, so having so many tattoos was kind of natural

You do have a lot of tats, which one is your favorite? Probably the big paint mark "X" on my butt cheek. I don't know why, but I love it. Everyone seems to think it has some sexual meaning like "X marks the spot" but really, it's just a personal strength sort of thing for me

Are you ever shy? Mickey and the word shy don't mix. Haha! I don't think I've ever been shy. I'm always very friendly and outgoing to anyone and everyone I meet. I'm myself instantly with people I meet.

At your age, are you where you planned to be, or ahead of the plan?  I had so many plans growing up as a kid. To be honest, I'm happy and just lucky enough to do all the things that I've had the opportunity to do so far. Anything else is a bonus!

Where do you see yourself in 6 months? 5 years?  I hope to still be in the industry, keeping you guys happy and hopefully I'll have met more of you by then. In 5 years, I think I'll have retired and into directing.

How do you feel about being so popular, so fast? I don't know about being popular. Haha. I've been lucky to have only been in the industry for six months and have such a strong following. For that, I'm so happy everyone has taken to me, and who I am. So, I will just keep doing what I do. Hopefully more people will want to get to know me and more about what I do. I will keep trying to make them happy.

Favorite fan moment? The moment I got stopped in Manchester and asked to have a photo taken with them. They told me how much they like what I do and how nice I am as a person. It was so nice! Really made my day.

Okay, I have to ask this.Lol Here goes, how do you feel about being on the cover? Are you happy with the image?  I love this image. It was taken by Life in Living Color, and some of my best work has been taken by this man. He will also be doing my calendar shoot which is exciting. I think it looks great on the cover and I'm more than happy to help represent such an amazing book series. It'll be interesting to see who is on the next one. Jake's cover is incredible too, so I'm pumped to see whose next!

What do you have coming up and will we be seeing it soon? There have been a few talks about me working for certain studios. I'm also doing some other things soon. All I can say is that yes, I am definitely doing a calendar, and I'm definitely coming back to America, to NYC. It isn't for any filming, it's so I can do some events for you guys! I have worked with some amazing studios recently though. I can't wait for you to see what I've been up to, as well as other things.

Which studio would you like to work with? I would love to work for Helix, Cockyboys, and I will actually be working with very soon, which is great!

Which models do you admire?  Erm...Darius Ferdinan, Hunter Page, Ricky Roman, and Tayte Hanson. They're all beautiful and great at what they do.

And there we have it. Some might have known the answers, I didn't know any of them at all. I really appreciate Mickey doing this.  Here are some links to follow him if you don't already. Also the info for the photographer as well. Don't forget to leave a comment to be entered in the giveaway.

Photographer: Life in Living Color

Mickey Taylor

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Let's Do It-Huddle up boys.

So I've been asked or told a few times "I'd love to live in your head." HA! And "how do you think clear with hot, gay, gorgeous, inked up hotty men in your head all the time? Must be the life of a rock star in there." HA! 

Hahaha...not exactly. A year ago, back when I was writing A Perfect Passion-Book One of The Passion Series, I had these characters who ran around screaming in my head about what they wanted and how they wanted it done. It took me a bit of time to figure out who to listen too, who to ignore and whatnot. Did I think Dax, Damien, and that rat bastard Aaron, were going to send me too the looney bin? Nah, when they raced through my thoughts or ran through my mind, they were like this. It was all good...

Truthfully now? Of course I considered being nuts-there were men screaming in my head. Did I talk about it? Ummm...NO. Not a chance because you would have made sure the people from the funny farm came for my crazy-ass. 
So, going into book two, Payce's Passion, I decided maybe to talk about it a little. I'd joke around on facebook about the characters, etc., when I was going through something with them or just a general hot mess myself. See, my first set of boys D & D brought friends with them. I'm typing along, and struts Payce. Total badboy! This Alpha male grinds himself right into the scene in a hard way. (Pun? Have to read to see-lol) With Payce, there comes a history. Aaron and Braxton soon appear, as well as Ash and Serge. (aka Sparky) Were the bunch of them intense? Look at them, come on. What do you think? YES! ~whew~!

Exactly! Now my head is a big old rat's nest. I'm having to keep them from running crazy, acting silly,ripping clothes off each other, holding old grudges, killing people, etc. the list goes on and on. I called a huddle with my boys.

After a few times of that, sticking various characters in the corner, one in time out, and a couple others off to their rooms, they finally calmed down. They grew up, cooperated and the story got written and published. I'm proud of them, can't wait to start on book three.

LINK:  Payce's Passion Book  Two

And just for fun link, I have a new pep song for book three. lol

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Payce's Passion cover reveal

Hey everyone. I promised you something for the weekend and I can't hold out any longer.

Yes, a cover reveal for Payce's Passion. ~squeee~!

I'm am so excited that I could just run around the front yard buck naked doing a little jig and singing a chorus for you.

Payce's Passion is the second story in The Passion Series. A Perfect Passion was the first story that included Dax and Damien and we'll see them again in book two also. I just loved them so much and couldn't let them go. They are so swoony. In Payce's Passion, Payce just leaves me standing in a puddle of drool. lol

Okay, so here is the cover for Payce's Passion. I hope you enjoy it as much do. Let me know what you think!                                                                                                                                                        

Friday, December 6, 2013

Piper's got a secret-bwahahaha! Hint #1

Okay, so those of you that really know me, Piper Kay, understand how truly HARD (total pun intended) it is for me to keep my lips zipped-hahaha. I'm not so good at being all secretive and hush-hush about anything. I'm more like a "WOO-freakin'-hoo" kinda girl and not very shy, not too much anway! lol 

I have this thing (well a lot of things usually when it comes to my m/m characters-hahaha) but this particular thing doesn't involve me being 'sammicheddddd' between two hottie bullriders or something like that. I have a different thing coming on December 13th-ewww Friday the 13th, I know. (the sandwich thing does still apply here though) Am I talking in circles yet? lol

So, I'm going to give out hints about it for a couple days, until I just burst.

Hint #1: Check out this song. There are several word clues in it. One of the words at .04 seconds into the video, the word at .55 seconds, and the lead singers hair style and color. 

Bonus hint:  Check out the verse starting at 1:12 in the lyrics. That is what describes my secrets surprize coming on December 13th. Wooo Hoo!

Confused? lmao! Sorry!  If you know the answer or have a good guess, pm me on my facebook account, to win an extra surprise from me.

I'm linking the video and my facebook account below.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cover Reveal for Eight Second Cowboy

Good morning everyone. I'm so excited about my upcoming release of "Eight Second Cowboy" that I can hardly stand it. ~squeee~ If you like sexy cowboys and plenty of action, then this story is right up your alley.. It has all of that, plus more.

This is the blurb for the book:  

It's Rodeo Roundup in Houston. Undefeated bull riding champion, Matt Stevens, runs into long time nemesis, Lance Loskey. Matt is intense, his focus and drive sustain him, but seeing Lance, with his carefree attitude rages a plethora of feelings to the surface. This mellow cowboy is in a position for more than just the championship after a freak accident paves Lance's way. This is an opportunity for bull riding opponents to embrace their destiny. Will they succumb to fate or will stubborn pride end the eight second ride in tragedy?

Next Sunday, I will post a little teaser for you. Have a great week everyone. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Naughty Box Release

Hi everyone! Let me introduce the Naughty Box to you. Caution: cold showers may be required after reading.

Come pop this cherry as you dive into a whole world of erotic tales from some of the HOTTEST writers in the romance and erotica publishing world. The Naughty Box is packed full of every toy you can imagine. It is filled with 9 books that will thrill you, set your senses on fire and have you begging or a nice cool drink. So kick back, grab some ice and enjoy the ride. Almost 1700 pages of HOT!

Included in The Naughty Box is authors Rue Volley, Sarah Jane, Riley Steel, Chelle, Nicolette Grey, Candi Delshamagus, Kim Carmichael and Nikki Prince.