Thursday, July 11, 2013

Good News

Hi everyone. I wanted to share two things today, the first is that I had the cowboy, mm bull rider story I mentioned a little while back accepted by Hot Ink Press. It's titled Eight Second Cowboy and will be released on September 10 and I am so excited. 

The other thing I wanted to share is that my story, A Perfect Passion releases next week-woo hoo! ~totally psyched up about this!~

Here is a little excerpt for you. This is the first time that my two characters Damien and Dax have an, um...encounter.

Dax jumps up and rushes to the pit, pouring his beer on the coals to lower the flame and I bolt to the bar to get water just in case. Filling the glass, he comes into the bar area, squishing in front of me to get the tray. The flame on the grill is out. His ass rubs up against me, and instinctively my free hand reaches to his hipbone, giving a gentle squeeze.
Dax glances back towards the grill to make sure the little fire is out. I know I should jerk my hand away, but I can’t move. He’s not moving either. Neither of us says a word.
Dax inhales a deep breath, and leans back slightly, pressing against me. It seems like ten minutes has past, but realistically I know it’s only been a few seconds.
I inhale his cool water cologne, my god he smells fucking good. I lean forward just a bit and brush my lips across his bare back. His skin is warm from him working in the sun all day.  I continue sliding my lips across the curves in his back. His skin breaks out in goose bumps, but he still doesn’t pull away from me.
With the tip of my tongue, I make little swipes at his skin, and he gasps again. I slide my left hand from his hipbone to the front a tiny bit, and my finger slips inside the top of his waistband of his shorts. He shifts, so I jerk back a bit, but still caress his stomach muscles in my palm.
Dax lets out a quiet moan, “Mmm…”

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