Friday, December 6, 2013

Piper's got a secret-bwahahaha! Hint #1

Okay, so those of you that really know me, Piper Kay, understand how truly HARD (total pun intended) it is for me to keep my lips zipped-hahaha. I'm not so good at being all secretive and hush-hush about anything. I'm more like a "WOO-freakin'-hoo" kinda girl and not very shy, not too much anway! lol 

I have this thing (well a lot of things usually when it comes to my m/m characters-hahaha) but this particular thing doesn't involve me being 'sammicheddddd' between two hottie bullriders or something like that. I have a different thing coming on December 13th-ewww Friday the 13th, I know. (the sandwich thing does still apply here though) Am I talking in circles yet? lol

So, I'm going to give out hints about it for a couple days, until I just burst.

Hint #1: Check out this song. There are several word clues in it. One of the words at .04 seconds into the video, the word at .55 seconds, and the lead singers hair style and color. 

Bonus hint:  Check out the verse starting at 1:12 in the lyrics. That is what describes my secrets surprize coming on December 13th. Wooo Hoo!

Confused? lmao! Sorry!  If you know the answer or have a good guess, pm me on my facebook account, to win an extra surprise from me.

I'm linking the video and my facebook account below.

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