Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Let's Do It-Huddle up boys.

So I've been asked or told a few times "I'd love to live in your head." HA! And "how do you think clear with hot, gay, gorgeous, inked up hotty men in your head all the time? Must be the life of a rock star in there." HA! 

Hahaha...not exactly. A year ago, back when I was writing A Perfect Passion-Book One of The Passion Series, I had these characters who ran around screaming in my head about what they wanted and how they wanted it done. It took me a bit of time to figure out who to listen too, who to ignore and whatnot. Did I think Dax, Damien, and that rat bastard Aaron, were going to send me too the looney bin? Nah, when they raced through my thoughts or ran through my mind, they were like this. It was all good...

Truthfully now? Of course I considered being nuts-there were men screaming in my head. Did I talk about it? Ummm...NO. Not a chance because you would have made sure the people from the funny farm came for my crazy-ass. 
So, going into book two, Payce's Passion, I decided maybe to talk about it a little. I'd joke around on facebook about the characters, etc., when I was going through something with them or just a general hot mess myself. See, my first set of boys D & D brought friends with them. I'm typing along, and struts Payce. Total badboy! This Alpha male grinds himself right into the scene in a hard way. (Pun? Have to read to see-lol) With Payce, there comes a history. Aaron and Braxton soon appear, as well as Ash and Serge. (aka Sparky) Were the bunch of them intense? Look at them, come on. What do you think? YES! ~whew~!

Exactly! Now my head is a big old rat's nest. I'm having to keep them from running crazy, acting silly,ripping clothes off each other, holding old grudges, killing people, etc. the list goes on and on. I called a huddle with my boys.

After a few times of that, sticking various characters in the corner, one in time out, and a couple others off to their rooms, they finally calmed down. They grew up, cooperated and the story got written and published. I'm proud of them, can't wait to start on book three.

LINK:  Payce's Passion Book  Two

And just for fun link, I have a new pep song for book three. lol

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  1. Aha! Naken-men-running-around-rat-nest head. I know it well. LOL.
    Congrats on the books and the cover is VERY nice!!!