Sunday, January 6, 2013

My first blog

Hey everyone. This is my very, very first ever blog attempt, so please excuse me while I step up on the stage and clear my throat. ~ahem, closes eyes and pictures everyone in the audience naked~

Seriously, I'm not a tekkie by any means, so please bare with me while I attempt this.

To start off with, I'd like to mention my recent short that just came out. The book cover is supposed to be my profile picture here (if I did this right-lol)  I think I'm in love with the man on the book cover by the way...oops, thinking out loud again 

Twisted Cherry is a deliciously hott mm erotica published by Evernight. If you love bad boys and tattoos, I think you'll be pleased with my characters Gabe and Evan...they're yummy. I'll post some links below,but I would also like to post my fb page, since that is where I hang out most. Feel free to contact me.

Here is my fb page:

My amazon author page:

You can find my short story on Amazon or on my publishers page:

Hope to talk to you soon.


  1. Great Job on the blog.. hun congrats on getting one started.. I am still afraid to do it lol

    1. It was a lot easier than I thought Michelle. Trust me, if I can do it, you can do it. :)

  2. Hi, Piper! You should put the Followers widget on this page so we can follow you. The widget is one of the standard ones in your edit page space.

  3. Hi Piper, great start to your new blog.

  4. Thank you Kathleen, J and Jojo. Thanks for the tip J, I will go see if I can figure out how to do that. I'm so ugh when it comes to this. Going to go take your suggestion now. ~Hugs everyone~

  5. Okay, I think I did it, and added the follow button. Hope it works. :)

  6. wayhey! Look at you rockin' the joint! Very proud of you xx

  7. Thank you Poppet, that means a lot. Glad you stopped by. Oh btw, I had a good example to follow ~ snicker~

  8. Now your page looks all warm and toasty, with friends and admirers all here to wish you wonderful success.

    You have my love and support always. Go ye forth and be naughty.

  9. Thank you Erin! It is all warm and toasty huh? I think I like it here. The sexy men in my head are tapping on my skull again, so I must get on to the next writing project. hahaha!

    Hint-hint: They're cowboys (bull riders to be exact-those sexy devils)

  10. Hi Piper,
    Congratulations on your new blog! I've had mine for months and am still trying to decide what in the world I want to say! lol. Happily following you!

  11. Thank you very much Kristi. You bring up a great point, now that we have a blog what do we do with it. I'm still working all of that out too myself, but I think I will feature other authors as well snipits from my own things too. Good luck with yours and be sure to let me know the site.