Sunday, January 20, 2013

A little cowboy teaser, anyone?

Morning all. As promised, here is a little teaser from my current wip called Eight Second Cowboy.

Matt tilted his head to stare at me, took a cigarette and flipped it into his mouth. He sparked it up then grabbed the shot glass, downed it and slammed the glass back down on the rim of the tub.

“Is that right?” He lifted an eyebrow.

“I’m serious dude. I know we've never seen eye to eye, but I do respect what you can do on top of a bull.” I’d love to see what you could do on top of me too.

“Appreciate it.” He bowed his head in thanks. “But you do know I’m still going to whoop your ass tomorrow right?”

“We’ll see about all that. Anyway, I wanted to stop by and wish you luck and say no hard feelings.”

“Thanks, no hard feelings. If you want a drink, it’s on the dresser in the room.”

“Don’t mind if I do, you want another shot?”

“Yeah, thanks.”

I brought the bottle to the bathroom instead of pouring Matt’s drink at the dresser. I’d be able to get closer look at Matt if I poured his drink at the side of the tub where his glass was.

Standing beside the bath, I noticed his thick lips, pouty on the bottom and sculpted into a little dip on top, just the color of a juicy, ripe plum. I wanted to slither my tongue across this. Curved eyebrows, just a tad spikey, topped slyly seductive ocean blue eyes.

I poured his shot, but got distracted when I looked down at his groin. The things I wanted to do with the man’s cock would be fucking amazing. I only stopped pouring right before I overflowed the glass. I couldn’t restrain myself, I had to look again. I knew he was watching me, but I couldn’t stop.


  1. Pretty good, Kim. I take it the "I" here will be the sub? The way he wants the other to "ride" him, that's how it's shaping up. Pretty effing hawt, I think, even if they both turn out to want to ride the other. EEEEEEE-haw! I'll definitely want to know what happens next. Yum. I like this a lot. :)

  2. Thanks Erin! LOL, yes the "I" here get's a little of both in the story.

  3. I like the buildup here, Piper - hot stuff! Alcohol and bathtubs ALWAYS make for good sexy reading. :) Great stuff.

  4. Thank you Morgan, much appreciated. These two, I am finding out as I go along, really have a thing about bathtubs. Hahaha!