Sunday, February 3, 2013

Happy February. An intro to Evan

Good morning,

Hope everyone is off to a great February so far, mine has been a little hectic, but I hope things will begin to level off as the month progresses.

I wanted to introduce you to one of the men who lived inside of my head while writing the story Twisted Cherry. His name is Evan. By day, he's just your average blue-collar worker and by night he plays in a band. 

This scene comes from the 1st chapter and explains a little bit about why he thinks and acts as he does.

I would love to have your feedback on this, if you can relate to Evan. 

Until next week, have a good one and I will try to do the same. ~hugs~

Getting tatted up is nothing new to me. It’s a complete escape, a feeling of euphoria. Feeling the needle pierce into my skin rewards guilty pleasures that I’ve never acted on, and it releases the pain.
When you try to play off the straight role and fake it till you make it, well let’s just say it eats you up from the inside. You try to play off the exact opposite, by becoming a womanizer. Being a hard core prick is just one way of over-compensating your secret desires. Fuck forbid anyone should think that you could be into guys.
This has been my life since I was fifteen years old. I’m now twenty-three, and I’ve always hid this from everyone, living in secret and staying in the closet. I’ve never once experienced the touch of a man, even though the thought of it overwhelms me sometimes. It’s like my own brain playing a game of major mind fuck on me.
I do what my friends dohit the gym, defining the shit out of my body, keeping my six foot, five inch body at about a fifteen percent body/fat ratio. I go to the bar with my buddies, pick up chicks, take them back to my place and fake my way through. It’s just the way things have always been.
Being into men is something I could never share with anyone. My friends would disown me. My family would, too. Being into guys is just not something that’s acceptable in their world. In fact, it’s damn near a mortal fucking sin. So, besides looking at a few computer sites, I’ve never experienced it. I’ve never expressed my feelings out loud to anyone. It’s just not going to be possible for me, ever. I deal with it the way I know how…ink to skin, blood release as payment.

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